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One of The Best Astrologers in India 
Prof. Sree Abhijit

Good Prediction and Best counselling

Astrology is one of the early science practiced in India and other parts of the world. We strongly feel that with the help of astrology we can determine one’s character, compatibility and mindsets. Feelings and reactions are governed by the thoughts generated in the minds of people. In one sentence thoughts generate action. By proper study of human mind through astrology negative thoughts can be limited and directed into positive thoughts. This is required for health, happiness and peace of mind.

Why Choose Prof. Sree Abhijit?

  • Best Asian Astrologer
  • Jyotish Nakshatrs
  • Researcher K. P Astrologer
  • Ph.D Award – 2006
  • Dr. Of Astrology – 2016
  • Jyotish Bidya Ratna
  • Jyotish Bidya Bhusan
  • Jyotish Samrat (Jalandhar) Punjab,
  • Secretary of K. I. A ( Krishna Murti Institute of Astrology )

Professor Sree Abhijit is expert in various branches of astrology, like Numerology, palmistry, Time Horary, Vastu and Medical Astrology.