Numerologist in Kolkata


As the name suggest, it’s a science of predictions done with the help of numbers. In it, natural numbers are plotted against celestial bodies of our solar system. Going in the order; 1 represents planet Sun, 2 stands for Moon, 3 is for Brahaspati(in western astrology 3 equalizes Jupiter), 4 Rahu(Uranus), 5 Budhh(Mercury), 6 Shukra( Venus), 7 Ketu(Neptune), 8 Shani(Saturn), & 9 is mangal(Mars)
Isn’t it surprising that there are 9 natural numbers and there are 9 planets! Of late, scientists have removed Pluto from the group of planets, however for thousands of years; it has been very much a part of the elite Group of 9 & astrology continues to consider it.
Numerology helps in various ways. Through it, various aspects of life are explored and the answers of many questions affecting the life are derived. Be it health, Success, Love, Marriage or Carrier all things can be known by numerology
Each number has unique characteristics and thus with each number, behavior, past or present of a person is deciphered. Whereas, 1 and 2 represent creation, 3 exemplify pride and ambitious nature of someone. Persons corresponding to number 5 are likely to be intelligent, sensitive. Isn’t interesting to know that 5 is allotted to planet Buddh & we all know, was one of the most wise man to walk this Earth was Budhha! Likewise, other numbers also define specifics.
Prof Sree Abhijeet has mastered this art of numerology and his clients have been benefited by regular consultations with him.