Qualities an Astrologer Should Possess

Since ages, the existence of humans and everything which happens in their lives is related to the movement of the celestial bodies. This phenomenon of pseudoscience is also well known by the name of astrology! There are both schools of thought related to astrology in India, some belief in it and some oppose it. But, there is nothing wrong with the fact that astrology is related to lengthy and in-depth scientific calculations that correlate with the movement of extraterrestrial bodies.

Many people claim to know these connections and calculations of astrology and charge high prices from their clients. But, before going for any astrological reading related to you or your near and dear ones lives; one should know the required skills and qualifications of a genuine and learned astrologer. Here is a list of the qualities which an astrologer should possess:

  • The astrologer should have full intricate knowledge of the three elements that are time, direction, and space.
  • He should have the required certifications, and qualifications required to be a good astrologer.
  • He should be accurate with the calculations.
  • He should practice the code of conduct and ethics which is to be followed by him as a member of the astrological community of his country.
  • He should not be greedy, and must not drag his client in unnecessary manipulations.
  • He should have a calm and composed nature, along with this he should have the required patience to complete the calculations and analyze it from all dimensions possible before giving any interpretation.
  • He should be able to calculate the longitude, latitude, and the altitude of any place in the world.
  • He should understand and practice the mantras, which are the essence of astrology.

There are many astrologers today who claim to be the best, but one should be able to differentiate between an astrologer and a black magician.


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