What is Medical Astrology?

Medical Astrology deals with health and longevity issues of an individual. According to some experts, each sign and each planet is associated diseases/disabilities. Means, an astrologer who has the knowledge of both astrology and medical science can also predict about a disease by studying the birth chart of a person. Of course, only a medical doctor can identify and name the disease.(Means – Medical astrology should not be used to diagnose illness.)

Zodiac signs of a person

According to some experts, Taurus rules the throat and Gemini rules the nervous system, etc. Means, everyzodiac signs of a person signifies the part of a body and its related disease.

A competent medical astrologer analyzes a person’s birth chart and identifies every possible aspect right from weaknesses, strength, and many deficiencies. They also use a wide range of predictive and analytics methods in order to determine the severity of the disease.

They can help a person to choose the best time for any medical procedure.  Indeed, they help people to understand the relationship between zodiac signs and body. However, they often emphasize on the accuracy of the birth chart, otherwise they will not be able to predict in the desired way.  People also discuss their potential health problems with the astrologers to remain alert.

Medical astrologers in Kolkata

Today, there are many renowned medical astrologers in Kolkata, Bengal. ​They have extensive knowledge, deep astrological insights and skills in medical astrology. One of the most revered medical astrologers is Prof. Sree Abhijeet. With the help of Medical Astrology, he has been treating many patients and has cured their illness successfully.


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